Changing the World One Book at a Time

When Peter and I returned home last weekend from a week away with our granddaughters, we found that the little boy next door had filled up our Little Free Library with a wonderful collection of his books. The next day, our 7-year-old grandson brought me 13 books of his, from the Magic Tree House series, which he had kept in a pile on his nightstand for days, awaiting our return. These two little guys were very enthusiastic.

I was introduced to the Little Free Library phenomenon in Peachtree City several months ago while visiting a friend. There had been two little free libraries in a neighborhood we’d walked in and when I returned home one of the first things I did was to get on the internet and Google it. A goal of the Little Free Library project is to create gathering places where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. ‘Sounded good to me, and Peter liked the idea too, so we got to work deciding whether to make one or to buy one.  Peter’s generally of the disposition and talent to make one, but we decided to order one from the website instead, and he painted and installed it – did a great job, too. We’ve been discussing just how to go about opening it  or announcing it to our neighbors. Should we send out emails, put flyers in mailboxes, or should we have a grand opening? Large or small? One neighbor suggested a lawn party. She said we had the perfect front yard for one. I immediately imagined two young singers I know, along with a friend who plays the harmonica, performing for us from the front porch, but Peter wasn’t interested in all that pomp and circumstance, which is just as well, given the business of our schedules this summer. Tonight we’ll discuss the situation and decide on a plan and this weekend we’ll implement the plan. So if you have any ideas please share them in the comments section. In the meantime, I need to go write a thank you note to my grandson, and one to the little boy next door. Image




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