Anna Quindlen Tells it Like it Is

We’re at mid-September now – the month when we’ve seen and heard a lot about Ray Rice assaulting his wife, Janay.  October, one of my favorite months, is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it’s only a few weeks away. I wonder how the NFL will or won’t deal with that, or how any of us will or won’t, for that matter. The National Network to End Domestic Violence has suggestions on their website: I took a look, and followed them on Facebook and twitter.

Anna Quindlen is one of the authors I follow on Facebook and I loved her entry last week while the news was filled with talk of Ray attacking his wife, and of conjectures about why Janay stayed with him.

Anna simply quoted her words from BLACK AND BLUE, her novel about domestic violence:
“When we were dating I thought it would stop when we were married. When we were married I thought a baby would help. After the baby, I thought if we had another child he’d feel better. And when Robert was two I couldn’t leave because those were the formative years, although maybe I didn’t think enough about what we were forming, Bobby and I. And when Robert was starting school I couldn’t leave because school was a big adjustment. And I couldn’t leave in May because I’d screw up our family summer vacation, and I couldn’t leave in November because it would screw up the holidays. So I stayed, and stayed, and stayed.”

My heart goes out to the women who are suffering in this way, and to their children. Sometimes an author’s words speak something so true that it evokes a resonance deep within the heart of the reader who needs to hear it, and creates movement. I hope that any of Anna’s  22, 387 followers on Facebook who need help were moved to call this number:

National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-SAFE


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