The Part Two Promised in my Last Blog

The Part Two Promised in my Last Blog.

Thinking about, writing about, telling about my car’s expensive nervous breakdown is one thing, one sort of light-hearted sharing. But thinking about, writing about, sharing about the cost of a nervous breakdown as it pertains to being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, is heavy. The term nervous breakdown can encompass a myriad of things, but for the purpose of this blog, suffice to say that I think of it as a person’s dramatic decline into a dysfunctional state marked by symptoms of any one or more of these: depression, anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, increased physical vulnerability to illness, and exhaustion. Often its diagnosis is PTSD (go to for more on PTSD). It can usher in huge financial outlays for therapy from people who are fortunate enough to afford therapy. It can also disrupt a persons income because of missed time at work if they’re fortunate enough to have a job. If however, a survivor is able to reach out, to get into therapy, and has a respectful, compassionate, wise and supportive network of people in her or his life, the benefits may ultimately far outweigh the costs. When the usual defenses breakdown, a person may become vulnerable enough for deep healing to begin. Here in the United States therapy is available for rich and poor alike through public, private and faith-based organizations, many of them non-profit. There are also groups offered over the internet like,, and which are specifically designed to offer round-the-clock resources.


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