On The Beach This Morning

My favorite way to begin the day is with a walk on the beach. This morning at 8am the air was a mild and crisp 60 degrees, and the sun was peeking over the horizon. I had a bounce in my step and a smile on my sunblock-covered face until I turned into the area of the public beach access and, with the ocean at low tide, ‘ had  an expansive view of the shore. What an eerie sight! There were dead jellyfish everywhere; the sand was covered with them. It was bizarre.  I continued walking anyway, determined not to let all those dead sea creatures deter me, but they did; they gave me the creeps, and in my world the day was already creepy enough with Trump and Pence getting inaugurated.

I decided to walk along the sidewalk, past the public pool and playgrounds, and onto the Pier. The Pier is typically lined with men and women who fish for crabs, but today I was the only one there. Where were all of those people? Surely they weren’t all at home watching Inauguration preparations on their TV’s, were they? A woman approached me as I was leaving and I recognized her as one of the crab fishers and asked if she knew where everyone was. “No crabs,” she said. “‘Been an odd few days; don’t know why the crabs ain’t comin’, but they ain’t.” Weird. Weird . Weird. Weird.

What do the  behaviors of these sea creatures mean? Has some synergistic force influenced both of them together? Could the Inauguration create an oceanic energy shift that would account for these behaviors? I certainly don’t know. These questions seem far fetched even to me. But if jelly fish symbolize tranquility, as several sources I found say that they do – that’s a lot of tranquility dead and gone. And if crabs symbolize prosperity, as several sources I looked at said they do, well prosperity has gone elsewhere and we can only hope that it will return.


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