Meeting Joan Chittister, OSB

Joan Chittister, one of America’s leading spiritual voices, is currently co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, a UN-sponsored organization creating a world-wide network of women peacemakers. A Benedictine nun who has authored over 50 books and lectures internationally, Joan writes and speaks on women in the church and society, human rights, peace and

Looking Back to London

A wise old friend gave me this advice when my memoir was released: “Go where you are led, Cathy; go where you are led.” I never imagined that I’d be following her advice all the way to London five years later as a member of the judges’ panel of the United Kingdom Child Sexual Abuse

President Carter’s Sunday School Class

President Carter has been on my mind today. What a remarkable man he is, a national monument in himself. Everything about him during the press conference the other day felt beautiful to me. Witnessing his spirit of honesty and gratitude and surrender, his ability to accept life on life’s terms, his joyful obedience to the