UKCSAPT Panel Member Speaks to Barbra Streisand

Dear Barbra, Like you, I was born and raised in Brooklyn. But today I’m thinking about our connections to London – yours, in preparation for the Hyde Park concert this summer; mine, in 2015, when I worked on the judges panel of the UK Child Sexual Abuse People’s Tribunal, where I heard the anguishing stories

Looking Back to London

A wise old friend gave me this advice when my memoir was released: “Go where you are led, Cathy; go where you are led.” I never imagined that I’d be following her advice all the way to London five years later as a member of the judges’ panel of the United Kingdom Child Sexual Abuse

The Cost of a Nervous Breakdown

My car, a 13-year-old white Volvo station wagon, had a nervous breakdown this week. All internal systems went nutty. Some windows wouldn’t open; others wouldn’t close; all gauges became inoperable. When my husband, who’d been driving it, called me on his cell phone while creeping over the bridge, he sounded like he was becoming inoperable

Retired But Not Tired

Today is the first day of my retirement from clinical practice after 30 years of working with individuals, couples, and families in therapy. What a career it has been, and how grateful I am for so many aspects of it! Last night, while reminiscing over supper, Peter and I chuckled over the fact that way